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Low Back Pain:

“To Whom It May Concern

I would like to inform you that the services whether customer oriented and physical therapy as well as acupuncture related have been beyond my expectations.  I have already referred several family members and coworkers to the office because of the wonderful treatment I have received.  I have been welcomed with severe pain and treated like family and healed almost miraculously.  I mentioned  to DC that it was like a miracle the pain subsided within the first acupuncture session.  The session was so invigorating that I was able to walk several blocks, in my heels, in the cold without my back brace.

For this I truly want to THANK YOU and APPRECIATE your knowledge and ability.


My Best,

Your Fan” – Sendy


Back Strain Injury:

“ I suffered severe back pain this winter because of a strain/sprain to my lower back while snowboarding.  Getting up from bed was a challenge and moving was impossible.  Just the journey to get treatment was a nightmare but I felt relief after the first visit.  After 5—6 visits, I felt almost human again=)  THANK YOU JIWON!  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!”

– C. Ko

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